Streamline Test Migration and Upgrade Testing Tools using nTestMigrate

Effective and efficient software development and testing processes, enabled by a multitude of test management and test automation tools among others, are critical for reliable and rapid product delivery in today’s fast-paced tech landscape. These tools have undergone significant evolution in recent years, with considerable enhancements in their capabilities and performance. Companies that have invested in older tools have a tremendous opportunity to move to newer tools or those that are a better fit for them.

Once a new tool has been selected, there is usually a need to migrate the various test assets over to the new tool. Companies often face challenges in doing such migrations due to the lack of the specialized knowledge and multidisciplinary skills required, as well as the costs of developing a solution that will seldom be used again in the foreseeable future. There is also the business risk of losing valuable corporate assets in the course of the migration, if it is not done right.

We have addressed these challenges for our clients with nTestMigrate, our proprietary, automation-enabled testing tool migration solution.


Automated Migration

Automation to streamline the migration process, reducing manual effort and potential errors.

Data and File Mapping

Allows users to map data fields and files between the source and target testing tools to ensure accurate data transfer.

Data Validation

Validation ensures data integrity in migration, efficiently identifying and resolving errors.

User-Friendly Interface

An intuitive, user-friendly interface helps accelerate the configuration, execution, and monitoring of the migration process.


Capable of replicating the migrator engine for newer tools, handling large volumes of data, and expandable for additional features.



Scope and timelines.


Test artifacts analysis, walkthrough.


Contracts sign off, access provisioning.


Migration, test artifacts reviews.


Validation, data correction and acceptance.

  • Customization of the standard migration engine is undertaken based on the specific structures and organization of test artifacts in the source and target systems. Notably, field and file mapping between the two systems may deviate from standard configurations.
  • Subsequently, the customized migrator is deployed to partially automate the migration process, helping reduce the time taken for migration by 40% or more in many cases.
  • Following the execution of the migrator tool, a meticulous manual verification of sample data records is conducted for quality control. Any issues identified during this process are addressed through manual intervention or by rerunning the migrator tool after implementing the necessary adjustments.

Test Asset Migration Process


Fast and safe way to migrate 

Handles customizations of source and destination tools

Assures Data Integrity

Post-migration validation report

Supports migration between SaaS and on-prem tools

Configurable and scalable for new tools or features



Efficient test assets migration made simple

Automate transitioning test data to a new Test Management tool for faster, risk free migration.

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