Quick Start Your Azure DevOps with Nous DeZy Framework

Nous Azure DevOps services, with a Quick Start framework: DeZy (DevOps Easy), allows you to provision a standard DevOps environment in just one click. DeZy comprises a set of ARM templates, PowerShell DSC configuration files, and other configuration scripts strung together in a “one-click” deployment model, giving you easy access to a DevOps Environment. You can customize these scripts to fit your needs. 

Build Automation

The DeZy framework helps you set up an environment with a fully managed build service that scales continuously, compiles source code, runs tests, and produces ready-to-deploy software packages.

Quality Automated

With DeZy, you can set up a quality check pipeline to perform static code analysis, OSS vulnerability scan, and passive penetration test. This enables your entire team to incorporate these code quality/security capabilities throughout the entire development life cycle.

Assess and Improve Your DevOps Capabilities with Nous 

Identify the current state of your DevOps maturity through process gap analysis, tools inventory, KPIs, roadmap, and key recommendations to take the next step in your DevOps journey.  

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Architect a Hybrid SQL Cluster 

Architecting a hybrid HA/DR Microsoft SQL Server solution using distributed availability groups on Azure can be challenging. Leverage our Azure DevOps services and allow our experts to guide you through your business needs and help you automate the entire process.  

Infrastructure as Code – Transient Azure Environments

Moving your workloads to the cloud might require you to invest a significant amount of time and money. Our Azure architect can help you fast track the deployment and migration of workloads while ensuring high performance, security, compliance, and cost control.  

Azure DevTest Labs

Azure Infrastructure as Code is our specialty service. Our engineers can accelerate the process of running a dev-test environment, enabling you to provision virtual machines, using code quickly instead of days or weeks.

Data Science

Are you working on data science projects but are unsure about how to implement Azure for the same? We can help you set up a Team Data Science Process (TDSP) on Azure. 

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