Unlock business potential with Azure migration & modernization

The Azure Migration and Modernization Program (AMMP) is designed by Microsoft to help customers accelerate their cloud journey by connecting them with expert partners like Nous Infosystems. The program caters to the needs of ISVs and enterprises, regardless of where they are in their cloud journey, enabling them to move forward with confidence – from planning to execution.

Nous Infosystems is a Microsoft AI Cloud Partner with Advanced Specialization. To achieve this, our Azure modernization solution, technical expertise, and success stories have been audited by Microsoft and we satisfy Microsoft’s stringent requirements.

Accelerate Azure Migration and Modernization

  • A customized workshop to define the best modernization path for your workloads
  • Battle-tested Azure modernization solutions to move your applications faster and reliably along the chosen path
  • Funding for a partial or full free migration to Azure*

*Approval for funding and the amount are subject to conditions

Cost Optimization Assessment

Gain a detailed view into the short-term and long-term economics of migration/modernization using Azure. Our experts will help you discover the various technical and financial flexibilities and efficiencies offered by Azure that cannot be matched with traditional on-premise IT workloads.

Already on Azure? Take our free 5-day cost optimization assessment that leverages the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) to achieve a 30-40% reduction in costs for an unoptimized cloud environment.

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AWS to Azure Migration

When migrating from AWS to Azure, assessing the economics plays a vital part in the decision. This assessment is usually a long, manual, and complex process, and requires a deep technical understanding of both AWS and Azure.

Nous A2Z™ for AWS to Azure migration will help you get through the complexities without having to worry about human error. The tools automated cloud economics assessment module will help you evaluate the economics of your migration and help you better select deployment models.

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Why Nous?

azure migration
track record
flawless execution
localized domain

Extensive experience navigating Azure intricacies and ensuring optimal outcomes for migration.

LDemonstrated commitment to success in migration and modernization backed by a proven track record of achievements.

A team blending domain knowledge and technical finesse to ensure a seamless Azure migration experience.

Tailored approaches and solutions designed for organizations of all sizes, empowering Azure success.

Providing regional insights to optimize strategies and ensure maximum impact through Azure migration solutions.



Optimization imperative – cloud modernization

Hear Nous and Microsoft experts discuss how cloud modernization enables optimization and strategies for cloud modernization.

Case Study

App modernization to Azure App service for a leading school management software company

Enhanced scalability and security by deploying the legacy admin app as a Docker container in Azure App Service.

Case Study

App modernization to Azure App service for a leading risk management solutions provider

Improved app performance and scalability by modernizing existing application to .NET Core using the Nous APPA framework.

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