ServiceNow is a powerful platform that can transform your business for good. But do you know how powerful it can prove to be if you know the right tricks and tips about ServiceNow? Quite frankly, not many companies have an idea about using ServiceNow right and that’s why most of them can’t get the most value out of their ServiceNow investment.

The ServiceNow platform offers many unique and interesting features that make managing your processes or developing new functionality a hassle-free affair.

You might have come across a few helpful tricks on your own if you’ve worked on the system or discovered a community post. But if you’ve come looking for more practical and exclusive ServiceNow tips, we believe this is the right post! Let us look at some of the best ServiceNow tips and tricks that can transform your business.

Using advanced system dashboards to assess your system’s health and security

It is imperative to understand the current state of your system’s health and performance as a ServiceNow system administrator. One of the best things about ServiceNow is the presence of dashboards that provide information about system security, API utilization, and system architectural components if you know exactly where and how to look. Here are some quick tips on how to find information using these advanced system dashboards.

  • Use the System Diagnostics Homepage to get a synopsis of important and useful analytical information about a running instance and cluster nodes.
  • Check the ServiceNow Performance Homepage to view a collection of performance metrics related to your instance and the machine in which the instance is hosted.
  • In the Instance Security Center, which is a separate portal, you can get a streamlined view of the level of compliance of your system’s security controls, configure and maintain system security settings, and check security event monitoring metrics.
  • From the REST & SOAP API Analytics Dashboards, you get comprehensive analytics for API usage, analytics per requesting user, and analytics per API.

Use a filter list view to pre-filter long tables

When you have a long table in the system with millions of rows like Syslog, the default list view may take longer to load or may even fail to load in case of slow internet. Does that mean you have to keep breaking your head, overloading the whole table for hours? Not necessarily, if you follow this simple tip. Try opening the filter view for the table so you can pre-filter data before you look for a specific set of data.

Wondering how to do that? Just type the following in your browser’s URL navigator to load the filter view for a table.

Change INSTANCE with the name of your ServiceNow instance and TABLENAME with the true table name you would like to load. This trick will save you precious time looking through huge amounts of data.

Utilize ServiceNow’s Studio Code Search to look for codes faster

ServiceNow’s Studio feature helps you develop custom applications. It also makes searching for code easier for the developers. If you’re looking for any particular code snippet, you can utilize this function to search for it faster. All you have to do is navigate to the ‘Studio’ module of the ‘System Applications’ in the application menu to access the Code Search utility.

After choosing an application, on the top right side of the screen, select ‘Code Search’. You can enter your search term in the search box that appears and select the checkbox labelled ‘Search in all applications’.

Use the HI Self-Service portal to ensure optimum performance

‘HI’ is an acronym for ‘Hosted ITIL’, an earlier version of the product. The ServiceNow HI self-service portal is designed to help you manage all ServiceNow hosted instances, including upgrades. You can submit and check the status of requests, manage users, and ensure that your platform performs optimally. The portal also serves as a central hub for managing accounts, tasks, and instances.

The portal also serves as a one-stop destination for all your ServiceNow queries, offering access to the latest published content, solutions to common issues, trending topics, and much more.

Use Scoped Applications to deploy faster and hassle-free updates

ServiceNow IT Service Management (ITSM) tools, including Change, Problem, and Incident, were built in Global Scope and managed using update sets traditionally. After the introduction of Scoped Applications in 2015, application management became easier with the Application Repository that simplifies deployment and Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that makes deployment and upgrade just a matter of a click!

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