ServiceNow needs no introduction. This powerful enterprise solution helps organizations automate their business processes by creating digitized and simplified workflows to make daily business operations seamless.

From leveraging AI-powered chatbots to machine learning, the Now platform equips organizations with intelligent automation processes to effortlessly connect and create applications across IT, Human Resources, Customer Service, Facilities, Security, and others. But to unleash the real power of the platform, your organization needs to engage with a trusted ServiceNow partner.

Keeping development and expansion in-house can help you understand the design and configuration of the solution but, to reap the most value out of your investment in ServiceNow and to stay on track in your ServiceNow journey, you need to connect with a partner who can help you bring in deep domain expertise and stay focused on your core business.

Work with a trusted ServiceNow partner

Nous Infosystems is a certified and trusted ServiceNow partner offering implementation, integration, and managed services for IT Service Management (ITSM), IT Business Management (ITBM), IT Operations Management (ITOM), and HR Service Delivery (HRSD).

Nous offers industry-leading ServiceNow consulting and implementation services so that enterprises can reap maximum business benefits out of the Now platform in less time. As a global ServiceNow professional service provider, our team of seasoned experts has helped customers transform their enterprises’ service management and remove service holdups in all functions of their business.

Navigating the world of ServiceNow with Nous

If you’re thinking about moving to ServiceNow or have recently migrated to the Now platform, the right consultant with a proven track record can help you transform your business with a smart implementation plan.

With its industry-oriented ServiceNow consulting services, Nous Infosystems has helped enterprises efficiently transform their services and business operations to the Now platform without compromising their customer experiences.

Nous offers ServiceNow consulting services, which include enterprise service management advisory, implementation health checks, process consulting, and service design consulting. Technology services include implementation, integration, and testing services. Under managed services, Nous offers application administration, enhancements and customizations, platform upgrade services, and service desk. Nous also offers platform development services like platform application development, store application development, and application certification consulting.

Nous’ key service offerings include:

IT Service Management (ITSM) for minimized business workflow disruption

ServiceNow IT Service Management suite consists of crucial ITIL processes and productivity tools that your business needs. But with so many features, it’s often difficult to choose the right set to implement in enterprises. Our certified professionals at Nous evaluate your business requirements to select the relevant functionalities of ServiceNow ITSM before moving to implementation.

The major features of ServiceNow ITSM include incident management, problem management, performance analytics, request management, service-level management, reports and dashboards, change and release management, configuration management, agent workspace, knowledge management, virtual agent, benchmarks, surveys and assessments, asset and cost management, agent intelligence, and more.

The Nous advantage

Nous’ IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions powered by ServiceNow help enterprises in implementing ITSM processes to consolidate all IT tools into a single data model, which helps them streamline service delivery through automated workflows. It provides businesses with real-time visibility and improves overall IT productivity. Nous’ certified ServiceNow ITSM professionals have helped customers decrease high-priority incidents by 25%, enhance employee productivity, and boost CSAT scores.

IT Business Management (ITBM) to make better decisions with visibility and control

ServiceNow ITBM not only helps you retire your unessential applications but also helps prioritize your budget and staff projects, reduce time to market by making necessary changes to your IT based on the market trends, and much more.

ServiceNow ITBM comes with an extensive set of capabilities like project and portfolio management (PPM), which includes demand management, project management, portfolio management, program management, resource management, time tracking, and test management. It also features Application Portfolio Management (APM), Agile development and testing, and IT financial management.

The Nous advantage

Nous ServiceNow ITBM services help you strategically manage your IT and prevent it from spiraling out of control. It helps enterprises cut IT expenses by eliminating unnecessary applications and optimizing overstaffed projects of little value. Business owners also get complete visibility and control into software development with task tracking, mature project management, and detailed financial analysis. With priority-based budgeting for projects and intuitive tools for managing development and testing, Nous helps you get the maximum benefit out of your ServiceNow ITBM implementation

IT Operations Management (ITOM) to bid goodbye to repetitive, error-prone tasks

Have you ever analyzed how repetitive, manual tasks are preventing your teams from optimizing their potential? If you haven’t, ServiceNow ITOM is your best bet at optimizing your team’s performance, reducing IT costs and enhancing IT and business service availability.

ServiceNow ITOM capabilities like service mapping help you create complex maps of configuration items that are dependent on each other based on the business services they deliver. The discovery feature eliminates all manual tasks by automatically scanning the IT infrastructure, finding all devices and applications in it, and recording and updating the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) with the information. ServiceNow ITOM also includes event management, orchestration, operational intelligence, and cloud management capabilities that help you improve your overall IT service availability.

The Nous advantage

ServiceNow ITOM deployment by Nous helps organizations automate their operations management through the comprehensive ServiceNow ITOM applications suite. With in-depth domain expertise, the certified professionals at Nous have helped many enterprises reduce IT costs and improve IT and business service availability with ongoing service health monitoring and advanced failure impact analysis. With an accelerated cloud strategy, Nous has helped many organizations effectively manage their IT operation costs.

HR Service Delivery (HRSD) for enhanced HR processes

Employee satisfaction and service have emerged as one of the important components of HR management, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. Most businesses have realized the importance of interacting with employees and employee satisfaction.

ServiceNow HRSD solution includes core capabilities like case and knowledge management, employee service center, enterprise onboarding and transitions, and document management for making it easier for employees to reach out to HR and provide the HR team access to a centralized platform that would enable seamless employee management. The solution also has supporting capabilities like HR performance analytics, agent intelligence, and virtual agent that leverage emerging technologies to make employee experiences better and faster.

The Nous advantage

Nous helps HR professionals deliver services and communicate timely with the ServiceNow HRSD suite. With years of experience and industry expertise, Nous’ certified ServiceNow experts can help you boost HR efficiency with cutting-edge HRSD tools. Nous’ HRSD implementation can help you raise employee satisfaction through simplified employee lifecycle processes and by making HR services more reachable. It can also help raise your HR team’s productivity by automating case categorization, routing and prioritization, and more importantly, answering common employee questions easily through chatbots and knowledge centers.

So, what are you waiting for? Experience the Nous advantage in your business by contacting us right away!

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