When our client needed a highly efficient and reliable geo-analytics solution to track CMBS (Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities) data, we created a user-friendly, high-performing solution with a QlikMap extension. For years, our client relied on Qlik GeoAnalytics for mapping and location-based analytics, however advanced features like (popup, Google street view, a thumbnail photo, and more) were not available in Qlik. The Nous expert team explored various options to include these features, and we selected the QlikMap extension developed by Analytics8 – a third-party extension with a licensed version, available at an affordable cost.

QlikMap Benefits

  • Adds rich, interactive location analytics to Qlik apps
  • Uses maps to provide data-driven answers to business questions
  • Offers insights that graphs, charts, and other visualizations can’t reveal
  • Provides access to Geographic Information System (GIS) without the cost and complexity

QlikMap Extension Features

  • QlikMap extension offers different types of lasso points and polygons to make selections on a map compared to Qlik GeoAnalytics, which offers just one type.
  • QlikMap extension includes features like thumbnail photos, custom popups, and Google street view to make the dashboard more attractive.

Leveraging the interactive dashboard powered by the QlikMap extension, our client was able to analyze location-based business data in just a few clicks. They can now effectively analyze geographical market penetration and compare it with competitor data for specific regions.

Users can use Street View with QlikMap to view if any property has a loan balance, ratings, property type, loan status, and the number of loans. They can also view real estate across and down a street and plot their branches and those of their competitors. Moreover, the solution produces account portfolios for Agents.

The integration of QlikMap has also enabled our customer to easily determine market coverage for their properties. As a result, they can identify loans of concerns and improve customer experience through street views that show tenant details.

Nous’ experts have similarly helped customers meet their visualization requirements utilizing all of Qlik’s features, capabilities, and introduced our own innovations or integrated third party extensions where needed.

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Abhijith Devanand Palekar
Software Engineer (Qlik CoE)

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