Enables users to manage the entire lifecycle of digital certificates at scale from within the ServiceNow platform

Nous Infosystems, a leading global IT solutions provider delivering innovative technology services and solutions, today announced the launch of ‘nCert’ – Nous’ ServiceNow certified application for digital certificate lifecycle management. Nous has launched this app in collaboration with Venafi – a cybersecurity market leader and provider of machine identity protection. The nCert app enables security administrators to manage the end-to-end lifecycle of digital certificates from within the ServiceNow portal, taking advantage of the Venafi Trust Protection Platform.

“Certificate related outages can negatively affect the reliability and availability of critical business applications and services,” said Ajith Pillai, CEO of Nous Infosystems. “Nous has developed this embedded approach to help organizations gain complete visibility of their digital certificates and manage them seamlessly from within a single system. With its advanced capabilities, nCert will enable our customers to stay security compliant and future-proof their businesses.”

nCert provides a seamless experience for ServiceNow users through integrations with the Venafi TPP Platform to provide users with easy access to machine identities, saving them the hassle of switching through multiple systems. The app enables enterprises that run complex infrastructures using ServiceNow’s ITSM and ITOM capabilities to leverage Venafi’s visibility and discovery features without leaving the ServiceNow interface.

nCert empowers users with new efficiencies in managing digital certificates. It ensures improved security by reducing loopholes caused due to incomplete visibility into certificate usage. The app provides a single interface to view and manage certificates – reducing errors, increasing productivity, and mitigating business downtime due to the unnoticed expiration of certificates.

nCert is available for download on the ServiceNow Store. Learn more about the features and benefits of using nCert.

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Nous Infosystems is a CMMI Level 5 SVC + SSD v1.3, ISO 9001:2015, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified global information technology firm providing software solutions and services across a broad spectrum of industries. Nous Infosystems has been delivering quality technology outsourcing solutions to customers for more than two decades. Major offerings include digital transformation solutions, business IT consulting, application development and maintenance, business intelligence solutions, infrastructure management services, enterprise application integration, product engineering solutions, and independent testing services.

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