Power BI migration services

Enterprises are migrating from legacy platforms to experience Power BI’s superior features at costs significantly lower than nearly all tools in the market today. If you are planning a migration to Power BI, we can help you standardize and bring together your data sources to generate powerful business insights. 

Nous Infosystems, a Microsoft Solutions partner for Data & AI (Azure), has helped customers across domains get started with Power BI. We enable template-based migration and have built Power BI migration tools to ensure faster migration at lower costs. With years of expertise in data platforms and analytical tools, we can help you maximize the ROI from your Power BI implementation. 

Accelerate your Power BI Migration with Us 

Migration assistance from experts to overcome business-specific challenges

Template-based Power BI migration process made faster with accelerator tools

Zero downtime – migrate to Power BI with no impact on business

Our Three-step Migration Process Assures Faster Time to Market

Get started with a 2-week POC

Migrate selected reports to Power BI in just two weeks and turn your data assets into valuable business opportunities.

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Cognos to Power BI Migration

Accelerate migration of IBM Cognos reports to Power BI paginated reports at reduced risk and cost.

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Tableau to Power BI Migration

Migrate Tableau reports to Power BI reliably at a much lower cost.

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Why Nous?

scaling up
tailored insights
technology Nexus

Navigating complex transitions, we infuse Power BI for data-driven metamorphosis in record time.

Our skilled workforce bridges the past to Power BI’s future, ensuring uninterrupted insights.

Partnering with enterprises of all sizes, we amplify data potential for competitive advantage.

Unlock region-specific acumen, melding Power BI prowess with nuanced domain insights.

Our certified experts and custom accelerators forge a migration path steeped in success.


Case Study

OBIEE to Power BI migration for a global leader in communications

Upgrade legacy OBIEE environment to Power BI to address challenges with high costs, lack of modern features, and end-of-support.

Case Study

Tableau to Power BI migration for a leading financial services firm

Upgraded reporting platform from Tableau to Power BI, providing low-cost, easy-to-use, secure dashboards.

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